As for forcing citizens to join the Party of Regions of Ukraine

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens concerned by numerous reports from different regions of Ukraine that the local authorities forced employees of state enterprises to join the Party of Regions of Ukraine.

Given the almost universal this phenomenon, as well as the fact that the current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, in fact usurped lately all authority in the state and the elimination of any sort was the separation of powers, is the leader of the Party of Regions, the Committee of citizens of Ukraine comes to the only possible conclusion that this illegal practice is not a local initiative, and coordinated on a national scale directly from the offices of the administration of the current head of state.

The Committee of citizens of Ukraine said that by doing so, the Party of Regions of Ukraine and its leader Viktor Yanukovych did not manifest themselves as supporters of democracy, and to be convinced advocates of totalitarianism. All I can say that the whole public rhetoric of politicians about the commitment to the ideals of freedom, which continuously repeats them as for internal audiences, and in the international arena, is a testament to their deep political dishonesty.

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