About the impossibility of holding local elections in the current situation

Committee of citizens of Ukraine, after a careful study of the process of preparation for local elections in Ukraine, came to the firm belief in the impossibility of holding local elections on schedule.

Across the country there is unlawful interference with the process of preparing for elections by the authorities and law enforcement agencies aimed at providing illegal benefits ruling coalition parties, and holds a total discrimination against opposition party, accompanied by violent destruction of their regional infrastructure. And all this is done not only with the full acquiescence of the central authorities, but by their direct instructions.

The current situation clearly demonstrates not only the reluctance of President Yanukovych in Ukraine to hold fair elections, and his deliberate desire to completely destroy the country’s constitutional order by using this dubious goal, all available at his levers of influence: the parliament, government, local administration, police structure and the judiciary.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych immediately stop all of that farce, that the pure misunderstanding is called “preparation for local elections”, to issue a decree to postpone the campaign for the time needed for rebuilding local infrastructure, opposition parties, which was destroyed by the efforts of his administration as well as to prevent further unlawful interference in the electoral process under his control of the organs and structures that do not have any right to it.

The Committee calls upon the citizens of Ukraine opposition parties taking part in the elections, the local infrastructure which was destroyed by the efforts of the authorities, and for which the regime commonly take other discriminatory measures, immediately declare their refusal to participate in this travesty of the democratic process, not recognize the results and carrying out acts of civil protest in the case for its continuation.

The original document in Russian is available at kgu.arbat.name.