About the persecution of Nikolai Melnichenko

Committee of Ukrainian citizens concerned about the attempts of the authorities to prosecute the former employee of the presidential guard Mykola Melnichenko, a publication of them in the public interest information about the criminal activities of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and his entourage.

Committee of Ukrainians believes that the publicized facts of illegal activities of the presidential administration, Mykola Melnichenko has made a courageous act in the interests of justice, aimed at cleansing the authorities of Ukraine of corruption, gangsters and other anti-national elements.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens requires the government of Ukraine to immediately cease the persecution, persecution, intimidation and any other pressure on Nikolai Melnichenko, providing the territory of Ukraine to the absolute safety and security of person and without further delay to bring to justice all the proper defendants disclosed their materials – without any breaks and without regard to the occupied by them in the past or the present time government posts and positions.

The original document is available at kgu.arbat.name