Regarding the situation in Ukraine

International Committee of the defense of freedom and civil society believes that the recent events in Ukraine requires immediate re-evaluation status of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych from the international community.

In recent months, almost since gaining power in the country, Viktor Yanukovych, systematically and continuously engaged in the destruction of democracy in Ukraine. Abuse of justice for the persecution of political opponents, civil activists to pressure, the constant infringement of constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian people – all this has become commonplace in Ukraine during the reign of Victor Yanukovych.

International Committee of the defense of freedom and civil society considers it necessary to immediately stop any further cooperation among countries of the free world and the Ukraine. No further loans from the International Monetary Fund and other world financial centers to the current government of Ukraine would no longer be available. All foreign investments in Ukraine should be withdrawn immediately, and further their intake should be completely blocked. Ukraine should be promptly removed from the Council of Europe and other similar organizations in which there is no place to dictatorial regimes. Any official visits and private visits to the free world members of the current Ukrainian government and other officials involved in massive violations of human rights should be blocked, as well as their bank accounts in the United States and the European Union. These countries must also be completely stopped the import of Ukrainian goods.

All these measures should be in effect until a radical change in demeanor of the Government of Ukraine in compliance in their country of democratic standards.

If necessary, the international community should also adopt and other measures that will be sufficient for rapid and effective return of Ukraine into the community of civilized nations.

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