About the situation in Kiev

Committee of Ukrainian citizens fully shared the view of the protest in Kiev regarding the fallacy of President Viktor Yanukovych refusal to sign an association agreement with the European Union in Vilnius and the need to punish the perpetrators of carnage on the Maidan on Saturday morning.

However, the Committee of Ukrainian citizens believe that the adoption Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Vilnius decision was not beyond his constitutional powers and, since it was based on the opinion of a significant part of Ukrainian citizens can not serve as a pretext for his own resignation and the resignation of his government. On what is public servants should be held accountable for the brutal crackdown on protesters on Maidan on Saturday, citizens of Ukraine Committee believes that in this respect the Ukrainian government should urgently conduct a thorough and diligent investigation and publish the results. Only after this will make sense to demand the punishment of perpetrators of this barbaric act of individuals. Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko, however, now, following the practice adopted throughout the civilized world, it makes sense to resign because he positions responsible for the actions of their subordinates.

The Committee calls upon the citizens of Ukraine protesters in Kiev remain strictly in the format peaceful course of events, not allowing any attacks on central government authorities, as well as their total stop blocking further limited only picketing. Committee of Ukrainian citizens believes that efforts to promote violence and disruption of state power can only instigated by agents of Russian imperialism and should in every way be prevented in order to preserve the solvency of the state and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens in this regard encourages the Ukrainian authorities to focus on advocacy work among participants and organizers of the protests, avoiding any possible use of force against civilians. At the same time, the activity should be vigorously combated provocateurs authorities and subversive work structures must be locked and thoroughly investigated, the purpose of which must be neutralized and exposing Russian efforts today at the destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

The original text of the document is in Russian at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=279