On the need for reconciliation

Committee of Ukrainian citizens yesterday welcomed the agreement on a compromise between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the leaders of the parliamentary opposition, signed in the presence of representatives of France, Germany and Poland, and considers it necessary to their strict compliance by all parties to the civil conflict.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens requires all public authorities and political leaders of Ukraine to remain calm and in good faith to fulfill their constitutional obligations. Committee of Ukrainian citizens considers inadmissible any actions aimed at dismantling Ukrainian state power and violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Committee calls on all responsible politicians to take urgent action to halt the activities of extremists, entrenched on the Independence and in the interests of Russian imperialism systematically destroying Ukrainian statehood. Wanting to preserve the integrity of Ukraine, Ukrainian political institutions of the state should be able to find compromise solutions and act in the interests of all citizens of Ukraine, not just individual groups, even more loudly voicing their demands in the immediate vicinity of the buildings, which today is still posted the highest governmental Ukrainian authorities.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens need to immediately stop the manic persecution of the legitimately elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is now the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state. Any charges against him should be investigated only in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine. The Committee also believes unacceptable attempts to ban activities in Ukraine Party of Regions and the Communist Party, for which the last election voted millions of Ukrainian voters. It should be remembered that the citizens of Eastern Ukraine have the same constitutional rights as citizens of the Western Ukraine.

The original text of the document in Russian is available at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=287