About the new government of Ukraine

Committee of Ukrainian citizens took note of the decision to dismiss President Viktor Yanukovych to the post of head of state, the parliament adopted a constitutional majority vote of deputies. The Committee welcomes the vigorous efforts of Parliament, aimed at stabilizing the situation in the country and to restore constitutional order in the entire territory of Ukraine.

The Committee encourages the members of Parliament as soon as possible to form a new government of national reconciliation on the basis of a broad coalition with mandatory participation in it the Party of Regions of Ukraine. At the same time, the Committee requires that law-enforcement agencies immediately carefully to ensure the personal safety of MPs from the Party of Regions.

The Committee considers the candidature of Yulia Tymoshenko for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine acceptable provided that heading the next government, it will focus exclusively on economic issues, and will continue to be so careful to avoid its inherent lately political extremism. The Committee requests the new government in the most minimal terms to ensure the protection of public and legal order in Ukraine exclusively by specially designated constitutional bodies, removing any process of public organizations, previously disarmed them.

The original text of the document in Russian is available at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=289