Freedom is the highest value

International Committee of the protection of freedom and civil society considers the actions of Russia in Crimea unacceptable precedent violations of international law, entailing the risk of compromising the stability of the total world order.

The Committee considers the need to punish the aggressor uncontested once again violated the UN Charter. Extreme rigor taken measures in this regard is to ensure that this practice once and for all will end.

The Committee considers inevitable in view of the forthcoming announcement Russian economic embargo complete loss of the civilized world to pay for the preservation of freedom on our planet and demands to immediately stop any discussion on this topic.

The Committee recommends that the Government of Ukraine to immediately sign an association agreement with the European Union, to terminate the agreement with Russia on the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, to withdraw from the CIS and to apply for membership in NATO, which should be promptly granted.

The Committee encourages the free world to provide immediate financial Ukraine, advice and assistance in the amount necessary and sufficient to provide a comprehensive stability in the country.

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