On the urgent need to restore constitutional order in Ukraine

Committee of Ukrainian citizens fully supports the efforts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the head of this department personally Arsen Avakov aimed at establishing throughout Ukraine constitutional order, including with respect to disarmament and cessation of the activities of illegal armed and paramilitary fascist direction, like “Right sector” or “Self Maidan”.

The Committee considers that further continuation of the above-mentioned illegal paramilitary formations on the territory of Ukraine is not only contrary to the current Constitution, but in the current conditions of actual Russian military aggression, has all the elements of treason, because it provides the enemies of Ukrainian independence and the reasons for arguments in favor of further violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Committee urges the competent authorities of Ukraine (Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine) by all means at their disposal methods and means as soon as possible to suppress tough in our state any hostile activity Ukraine factions that are currently in effect, are operating to the detriment of national independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine – by direct or indirect instructions of Russian imperialism.

The Committee draws attention to this in the obvious fact that the current government of Ukraine now has a popular mandate from the popularly elected parliament, while all sorts of fascist groups like the “Right sector” or “Self Maidan” no support for Ukrainian voters currently do not yet have.

The original text of the statement in Russian is at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=297.