About the inadmissibility of Russian interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine

Committee of Ukrainian citizens extremely surprised by today’s Russian attempts, carried out the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory in the Crimea, to enlist international support from the United States and the European Union in respect of intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine, concerning the change of the current Constitution and its federalization.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens notes that the right to determine the Constitution of Ukraine and the basis of its polity belongs exclusively to the people of Ukraine, and not fascist Russia illegally annex part of Ukrainian territory in the Crimea, and not whatever was different countries, even friendly Ukraine such as the U.S. or EU.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens declares readiness of the Ukrainian people, even to non-guarantors of the territorial integrity of Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum 1994 commitments, to protect the independence and territorial integrity of all the forces of his state of the Ukrainian people to the last drop of blood.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens to Western countries indicates categorically unacceptable for the people of Ukraine to decide his fate behind him in a similar way as it was done in Munich in the first half of the last century in the infamous, erroneous and unsuccessful agreements with Nazi Germany.

Committee of Ukrainian citizens indicates the Russian side at all obvious extreme inappropriateness nominated it now claims to Ukraine, while in Russia nor in the least respect the rights of national minorities, including here the official languages of pluralism and the right to national self-determination to the state republics.

The original text of the document in Russian is available at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=301.