As for the political repression against the opposition during the elections

Committee of citizens of Ukraine is extremely concerned about the citizens of Ukraine political repression against the opposition party “UKROP” and its leader Gennady Korban. Given that the current government repression made directly during the elections, we can say that the president of Poroshenko, whom we place full responsibility for these events, now seeks to destroy the very foundation of Ukrainian democratic system.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine considers totally unacceptable policy of total intimidation of the Ukrainian society, in which the president is now vigorously rushed Poroshenko. In the case of Gennady Korban, we see clearly that the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, fulfilling illegal orders of another authoritarian tendencies of President of Ukraine, once again embarked on a path of habitual abuse of justice for political purposes. Moreover, in the practical implementation of the case of Gennady Korban, we can clearly see the systematic and cynical disregard of the elementary rules of law and demonstrative violation of fundamental human rights.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine sees clearly that the purpose of the current president of Poroshenko is none other than the suppression of all dissent in Ukraine and all political opposition activities and build on the freed space as a result of the authoritarian one-party regime on the Soviet model. Noting the absolute impossibility of implementing practical in today’s world of these monstrous plans to establish his personal dictatorship, we also want to prevent the current president of Ukraine will inevitably awaits him in the near future, the political and criminal responsibility for these violations of the law, standards of democracy and human rights.

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens is also drawn to the officials of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, the Security Service of Ukraine, judicial and other state authorities, who are currently on the team of President Poroshenko vigorously wipe their feet on the law and fundamental human rights in the case of Gennady Korban, but still not completely lost the ability to adequate perception of reality. All these people must realize that they will soon waiting for appropriate criminal penalties, and no they receive today from the administration of the current president of Ukraine’s illegal orders will not serve them in the future no justification for their ongoing now known criminal acts.

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