With regard to the attack on the Ukrainian authorities to press freedom

Committee of citizens of Ukraine considers undertaken by the authorities this week’s attack on the studio Savik Shuster unacceptable violation of democracy. Such actions of the government say that the authorities intend to completely suppress all the centers of freedom of speech in Ukraine, as well as to remove from the air all channels unsanctioned criticism of government policy. In fact, today in Ukraine there is a speech about the complete suppression of dissent and trying to create in our country a totalitarian system of government.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine personally responsible for the existing situation in this regard to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and prime minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman and warns them about the complete futility of such efforts. Ukraine was, is and will be free, and the Ukrainian people will never allow their enslavement. Thus, a person with an authoritarian mindset and dictatorial are not suitable candidates for management of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian government. As is known, because of the lack of understanding (or underestimating) that the circumstances of Viktor Yanukovych recently lost his post as president of Ukraine.

Text of the statement in Russian is at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=359.