On the need for the immediate establishment of a complete blockade of the occupied territories

Committee of citizens of Ukraine are extremely concerned entered today in Kiev reports on the implementation of the full connivance of the police bandit attack on participants of the blockade of the occupied in the Donbass Russian army of the territory of Ukraine, which, because of the complete disengagement of corrupt public authorities from imposing effective sanctions against the aggressor, forced it to inflict maximum damage to the aggressor to exercise direct democracy in accordance with the fifth article of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine expresses its deep appreciation to all the countries of the civilized world, which imposed sanctions on Russia after its attack on the Ukraine in 2014, and considers cynical and totally unacceptable behavior of the current government of Ukraine is still continuing in the interests of entrenched there corrupt a large-scale trade with the occupied Russian aggressor territories, thereby providing economic support to daily shelling enemy Ukrainian army positions, which resulted in constantly killed and injured defenders of our homeland.

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens expect immediate adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the complete prohibition of all trade with all parts of Russia occupied Ukraine. The Committee of Ukrainian citizens in this regard as strictly warns the present corrupt and mafia Ukrainian authorities against any further attempts to extract both legal and proceeds of corruption to the sheds for the third year on the eastern front the blood of Ukrainian patriots.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine calls on the competent authorities of Ukraine immediately begin to effectively combat the large-scale and comprehensive corruption in the higher echelons of power in Ukraine, because it creates the current situation in this field is the primary threat to the national security of Ukraine.

The original of this statement in Russian is available at http://kgu.arbat.name/?p=366.