On the situation in Belarus

The International Committee for the Defense of Freedom and Civil Society is extremely concerned about the current situation in Belarus, which has developed there in connection with the presidential elections.

According to the information at our disposal, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won an unconditional and overwhelming victory in these elections, while official data controlled by the current government falsely assert the victory of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.

These facts testify to the violation of the fundamental right of the citizens of Belarus to elect power and to the total and cynical falsification of the results of the presidential elections in this country by the authorities, carried out on the direct orders of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.

In addition, according to the instructions of the current president, in Belarus, at present, the most severe suppression of civil protest actions against the falsification of these presidential elections is being carried out. Fascist methods of such suppression only exacerbate the guilt of the losing candidate, who is trying to stay in power by means of total falsifications and terror unleashed on his command against the civil society of Belarus.

It goes without saying that there can be no question of recognition by the world community of Alexander Lukashenko’s victory in the elections in Belarus and his future recognition as the president of this country. At the moment, only Svetlana Tikhanovskaya can be recognized as the legitimate head of Belarus.

In the future, it may (but not necessarily) require either a total recount of votes (which is extremely problematic, since the mass of ballots was probably deliberately spoiled by election commissions controlled by Lukashenka), or a second vote (under international control) with the same list of candidates.

However, there is no doubt that in any case it is Svetlana Tikhanovskaya who will become the new president of Belarus, since that was the will of this people.

The original document in Russian is located at http://civilguard.arbat.name/?p=275