In occasion of suppression by authorities of civil activity

The committee of citizens of Ukraine expresses concern in occasion of illegal suppression by workers of militia of peace procession of active workers of “the Democratic alliance” in the city of Kharkov on which authorities have been in advance notified in precise conformity with the current legislation. The additional concern in this context causes also illegal withdrawal by officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine made by participants of a march of videorecordings on whom excesses of workers of law enforcement bodies on seat of the specified events have been fixed.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine considers similar reprisals as the certificate of deep and basic animosities of a ruling mode in relation to a civil society and as an indisputable sign of desire of the new government by all means to suppress in Ukraine any displays of civil activity for an establishment in the country of totalitarian dictatorship on the Russian sample.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of all state instances involved in business to study intensevely circumstances of the specified accident, in the shortest timeframes to reveal and in the strict image to punish officials guilty of given lawlessness, to provide onwards impossibility of recurrence of similar excesses and publicly to present the Ukrainian public the developed report on all work done in this context.

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