About an act of military aggression

Committee of citizens of Ukraine welcomes the fact that, under public pressure, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened an investigation into the cases of kidnapping her husband a citizen of Ukraine Dirar Abu Sisi agents of Israeli military intelligence (Mossad) in the territory of Ukraine.

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens took note promulgated by an Israeli court of the fact that disappeared in the territory of Ukraine aforementioned Palestinian engineers are currently located in one of the Israeli prisons.

Thus, the fact of recent abductions in the territory of Ukraine intelligence services of Israel a particular person is no longer beyond doubt. Israeli military aggression against Ukraine actually occurred.

In this regard, the Committee of Ukrainian citizens consider it necessary to dismiss on the service discrepancy between the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine (having fallen to the inquiry about the events in the territory assigned to it at the UN) and involved in the case of employees of the agency, and to terminate the agreement on cooperation between the intelligence agencies of Ukraine and Israel. It is also necessary to cancel all official visits by senior officials (both from Ukraine to Israel and from Israel to Ukraine) and the level of diplomatic representation of Ukraine in Israel. Agreement between Ukraine and Israel on the journey without a visa, of course, must also be immediately terminated.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine shall convey to the Israeli government our views on the inadmissibility of such incidents in future, officials said Office, responsible for the fact that the corresponding reaction has not yet been undertaken, it is necessary to dismiss.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of the President of Ukraine to take personal control of the investigation of this outrageous violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine’s military branch of a foreign army, no possibility of a recurrence of such incidents in future, to hand over the bodies of justice of all persons who have shown in this episode of negligence in protecting the national interests of Ukraine, report on all measures it has taken to the people of Ukraine, as well as clearly explain reasons for such a humiliation of Ukraine under his leadership became possible.

Text of a statement in Russian is available at kgu.arbat.name.