About the persecution of opposition activists

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens concerned about persistent reports of harassment by the authorities in relation to territorial authorities and activists of the opposition party the “Batkivschina”, which are implemented throughout the country with a wide involvement in these political repression of various security forces under the control of the President and Cabinet of Ministers.

The Committee reminds the authorities of the citizens of Ukraine that in free countries the task of law enforcement agencies is only the fight against criminality, and not suppress any opposition was political activity.

The Committee considers the use of Ukrainian citizens by the regime security forces to suppress their political opponents as a flagrant violation of the existing constitutional system, which seeks to dismantle democracy in Ukraine and the establishment of a dictatorship.

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens requires the President, the Cabinet and the General Prosecutor’s Office to immediately take effective steps to end this tyranny and promptly fired from the organs of personal unsuitability for all involved in this blatant lawlessness of officials.

The original of this document (in Russian) is available at kgu.arbat.name

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