About the activities of the Mossad in Ukraine

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens concerned following information received about the abduction of the territory of Ukraine by agents of Israeli intelligence Mossad director of the Palestinian power Dirar Abu Sisi.

The Committee of Ukrainian citizens consider this an outrageous action a flagrant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and cynical insult to our country, the State of Israel.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine considers unacceptable the involvement of Ukraine in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the side of unanimous condemnation by all the international community Israel’s continued illegal activities in the occupied Palestinian lands in violation of UN resolutions and international law.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine expresses extreme surprise omission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which has so far not bothered to explain the intelligence agencies of Ukraine inadmissibility of such incidents.

Committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of the Ukrainian government to take urgent measures to return Dirar Abu Sisi in Ukraine and no possibility of a recurrence of such arbitrariness of foreign secret services on the territory of Ukraine.

The original statement is available at kgu.arbat.name.