In occasion of a current condition of bodies of militia

The committee of citizens of Ukraine expresses concern in activity of bodies of the Ukrainian militia which of law enforcement body practically has completely regenerated in the armed gang terrorizing the peace population and horrifying all legislative citizens, having misfortune with it to collide.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine marks, that so scandalous situation has developed in the state owing to full self-elimination from performance of the supervising functions ordered by the law from bodies of prosecutor’s office which management should be immediately dismissed in this context from borrowed posts and is prosecuted for the negligent execution of the duties which have caused so grave consequences.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine insists on immediate replacement of Minister of Internal Affairs by the person capable in the shortest timeframes to put things in order on a site entrusted to it of work and to stop in this department total corruption and universal infringements of human rights, as well as to clear bodies of militia of weight of mentally sick persons who have dug round there which mentality combines signs of a sadism and an inferiority complex with belief in full permissiveness and absolute impunity.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of the government once and for all to stop practice of use of bodies of militia and of some other power structures as a nation-wide vertical of racket which actual activity is directed on universal collection of an illegal tribute from all representatives of small business within the limits of the private program of “patronage” of the criminal sample.

The committee of citizens of Ukraine requires of the President of Ukraine promptly to accept the drastic measures which have been directed on transformation of the Ukrainian militia from breaking laws in law enforcement body, having provided thus strict observance by all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in their daily work of the current legislation and respect of human rights, having released the given department from unconstitutional duties on creation in a society of an atmosphere of fear and illegal functions on suppression in the country of any displays of civil activity.

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